Exceptions used in the Waf code

exception waflib.Errors.WafError(msg='', ex=None)[source]

Base class for all Waf errors

__init__(msg='', ex=None)[source]
  • msg (string) – error message

  • ex (exception) – exception causing this error (optional)

exception waflib.Errors.BuildError(error_tasks=[])[source]

Error raised during the build and install phases


error_tasks (list of task objects) – tasks that could not complete normally


Formats the error messages from the tasks that failed

__annotations__ = {}
exception waflib.Errors.ConfigurationError(msg='', ex=None)[source]

Configuration exception raised in particular by waflib.Context.Context.fatal()

__annotations__ = {}
exception waflib.Errors.TaskRescan(msg='', ex=None)[source]

Task-specific exception type signalling required signature recalculations

__annotations__ = {}
exception waflib.Errors.TaskNotReady(msg='', ex=None)[source]

Task-specific exception type signalling that task signatures cannot be computed

__annotations__ = {}