Source code for waflib.Tools.bison

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# John O'Meara, 2006
# Thomas Nagy 2009-2018 (ita)

The **bison** program is a code generator which creates C or C++ files.
The generated files are compiled into object files.

from waflib import Task
from waflib.TaskGen import extension

[docs]class bison(Task.Task): """Compiles bison files""" color = 'BLUE' run_str = '${BISON} ${BISONFLAGS} ${SRC[0].abspath()} -o ${TGT[0].name}' ext_out = ['.h'] # just to make sure
[docs]@extension('.y', '.yc', '.yy') def big_bison(self, node): """ Creates a bison task, which must be executed from the directory of the output file. """ has_h = '-d' in self.env.BISONFLAGS outs = [] if'.yc'): outs.append(node.change_ext('')) if has_h: outs.append(node.change_ext('.tab.hh')) else: outs.append(node.change_ext('.tab.c')) if has_h: outs.append(node.change_ext('.tab.h')) tsk = self.create_task('bison', node, outs) tsk.cwd = node.parent.get_bld() # and the c/cxx file must be compiled too self.source.append(outs[0])
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Detects the *bison* program """ conf.find_program('bison', var='BISON') conf.env.BISONFLAGS = ['-d']