Source code for waflib.Tools.c

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006-2018 (ita)

"Base for c programs/libraries"

from waflib import TaskGen, Task
from waflib.Tools import c_preproc
from waflib.Tools.ccroot import link_task, stlink_task

[docs]@TaskGen.extension('.c') def c_hook(self, node): "Binds the c file extensions create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.c.c` instances" if not self.env.CC and self.env.CXX: return self.create_compiled_task('cxx', node) return self.create_compiled_task('c', node)
[docs]class c(Task.Task): "Compiles C files into object files" run_str = '${CC} ${ARCH_ST:ARCH} ${CFLAGS} ${FRAMEWORKPATH_ST:FRAMEWORKPATH} ${CPPPATH_ST:INCPATHS} ${DEFINES_ST:DEFINES} ${CC_SRC_F}${SRC} ${CC_TGT_F}${TGT[0].abspath()} ${CPPFLAGS}' vars = ['CCDEPS'] # unused variable to depend on, just in case ext_in = ['.h'] # set the build order easily by using ext_out=['.h'] scan = c_preproc.scan
[docs]class cprogram(link_task): "Links object files into c programs" run_str = '${LINK_CC} ${LINKFLAGS} ${CCLNK_SRC_F}${SRC} ${CCLNK_TGT_F}${TGT[0].abspath()} ${RPATH_ST:RPATH} ${FRAMEWORKPATH_ST:FRAMEWORKPATH} ${FRAMEWORK_ST:FRAMEWORK} ${ARCH_ST:ARCH} ${STLIB_MARKER} ${STLIBPATH_ST:STLIBPATH} ${STLIB_ST:STLIB} ${SHLIB_MARKER} ${LIBPATH_ST:LIBPATH} ${LIB_ST:LIB} ${LDFLAGS}' ext_out = ['.bin'] vars = ['LINKDEPS'] inst_to = '${BINDIR}'
[docs]class cshlib(cprogram): "Links object files into c shared libraries" inst_to = '${LIBDIR}'
[docs]class cstlib(stlink_task): "Links object files into a c static libraries" pass # do not remove