Source code for waflib.Tools.cs

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006-2018 (ita)

C# support. A simple example::

	def configure(conf):
	def build(bld):
		bld(features='cs', source='main.cs', gen='foo')

Note that the configuration may compile C# snippets::

	FRAG = '''
	namespace Moo {
		public class Test { public static int Main(string[] args) { return 0; } }
	def configure(conf):
		conf.check(features='cs', fragment=FRAG, compile_filename='test.cs', gen='test.exe',
			bintype='exe', csflags=['-pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0'], msg='Checking for Gtksharp support')

from waflib import Utils, Task, Options, Errors
from waflib.TaskGen import before_method, after_method, feature
from waflib.Tools import ccroot
from waflib.Configure import conf

ccroot.lib_patterns['csshlib'] = ['%s']

[docs]@feature('cs') @before_method('process_source') def apply_cs(self): """ Create a C# task bound to the attribute *cs_task*. There can be only one C# task by task generator. """ cs_nodes = [] no_nodes = [] for x in self.to_nodes(self.source): if'.cs'): cs_nodes.append(x) else: no_nodes.append(x) self.source = no_nodes bintype = getattr(self, 'bintype', self.gen.endswith('.dll') and 'library' or 'exe') self.cs_task = tsk = self.create_task('mcs', cs_nodes, self.path.find_or_declare(self.gen)) tsk.env.CSTYPE = '/target:%s' % bintype tsk.env.OUT = '/out:%s' % tsk.outputs[0].abspath() self.env.append_value('CSFLAGS', '/platform:%s' % getattr(self, 'platform', 'anycpu')) inst_to = getattr(self, 'install_path', bintype=='exe' and '${BINDIR}' or '${LIBDIR}') if inst_to: # note: we are making a copy, so the files added to cs_task.outputs won't be installed automatically mod = getattr(self, 'chmod', bintype=='exe' and Utils.O755 or Utils.O644) self.install_task = self.add_install_files(install_to=inst_to, install_from=self.cs_task.outputs[:], chmod=mod)
[docs]@feature('cs') @after_method('apply_cs') def use_cs(self): """ C# applications honor the **use** keyword:: def build(bld): bld(features='cs', source='My.cs', bintype='library', gen='my.dll', name='mylib') bld(features='cs', source='Hi.cs', includes='.', bintype='exe', gen='hi.exe', use='mylib', name='hi') """ names = self.to_list(getattr(self, 'use', [])) get = self.bld.get_tgen_by_name for x in names: try: y = get(x) except Errors.WafError: self.env.append_value('CSFLAGS', '/reference:%s' % x) continue tsk = getattr(y, 'cs_task', None) or getattr(y, 'link_task', None) if not tsk: self.bld.fatal('cs task has no link task for use %r' % self) self.cs_task.dep_nodes.extend(tsk.outputs) # dependency self.cs_task.set_run_after(tsk) # order (redundant, the order is inferred from the nodes inputs/outputs) self.env.append_value('CSFLAGS', '/reference:%s' % tsk.outputs[0].abspath())
[docs]@feature('cs') @after_method('apply_cs', 'use_cs') def debug_cs(self): """ The C# targets may create .mdb or .pdb files:: def build(bld): bld(features='cs', source='My.cs', bintype='library', gen='my.dll', csdebug='full') # csdebug is a value in (True, 'full', 'pdbonly') """ csdebug = getattr(self, 'csdebug', self.env.CSDEBUG) if not csdebug: return node = self.cs_task.outputs[0] if self.env.CS_NAME == 'mono': out = node.parent.find_or_declare( + '.mdb') else: out = node.change_ext('.pdb') self.cs_task.outputs.append(out) if getattr(self, 'install_task', None): self.pdb_install_task = self.add_install_files( install_to=self.install_task.install_to, install_from=out) if csdebug == 'pdbonly': val = ['/debug+', '/debug:pdbonly'] elif csdebug == 'full': val = ['/debug+', '/debug:full'] else: val = ['/debug-'] self.env.append_value('CSFLAGS', val)
[docs]@feature('cs') @after_method('debug_cs') def doc_cs(self): """ The C# targets may create .xml documentation files:: def build(bld): bld(features='cs', source='My.cs', bintype='library', gen='my.dll', csdoc=True) # csdoc is a boolean value """ csdoc = getattr(self, 'csdoc', self.env.CSDOC) if not csdoc: return node = self.cs_task.outputs[0] out = node.change_ext('.xml') self.cs_task.outputs.append(out) if getattr(self, 'install_task', None): self.doc_install_task = self.add_install_files( install_to=self.install_task.install_to, install_from=out) self.env.append_value('CSFLAGS', '/doc:%s' % out.abspath())
[docs]class mcs(Task.Task): """ Compile C# files """ color = 'YELLOW' run_str = '${MCS} ${CSTYPE} ${CSFLAGS} ${ASS_ST:ASSEMBLIES} ${RES_ST:RESOURCES} ${OUT} ${SRC}'
[docs] def split_argfile(self, cmd): inline = [cmd[0]] infile = [] for x in cmd[1:]: # csc doesn't want /noconfig in @file if x.lower() == '/noconfig': inline.append(x) else: infile.append(self.quote_flag(x)) return (inline, infile)
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Find a C# compiler, set the variable MCS for the compiler and CS_NAME (mono or csc) """ csc = getattr(Options.options, 'cscbinary', None) if csc: conf.env.MCS = csc conf.find_program(['csc', 'mcs', 'gmcs'], var='MCS') conf.env.ASS_ST = '/r:%s' conf.env.RES_ST = '/resource:%s' conf.env.CS_NAME = 'csc' if str(conf.env.MCS).lower().find('mcs') > -1: conf.env.CS_NAME = 'mono'
[docs]def options(opt): """ Add a command-line option for the configuration:: $ waf configure --with-csc-binary=/foo/bar/mcs """ opt.add_option('--with-csc-binary', type='string', dest='cscbinary')
[docs]class fake_csshlib(Task.Task): """ Task used for reading a foreign .net assembly and adding the dependency on it """ color = 'YELLOW' inst_to = None
[docs] def runnable_status(self): return Task.SKIP_ME
[docs]@conf def read_csshlib(self, name, paths=[]): """ Read a foreign .net assembly for the *use* system:: def build(bld): bld.read_csshlib('ManagedLibrary.dll', paths=[bld.env.mylibrarypath]) bld(features='cs', source='Hi.cs', bintype='exe', gen='hi.exe', use='ManagedLibrary.dll') :param name: Name of the library :type name: string :param paths: Folders in which the library may be found :type paths: list of string :return: A task generator having the feature *fake_lib* which will call :py:func:`waflib.Tools.ccroot.process_lib` :rtype: :py:class:`waflib.TaskGen.task_gen` """ return self(name=name, features='fake_lib', lib_paths=paths, lib_type='csshlib')