Source code for waflib.Tools.d

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Carlos Rafael Giani, 2007 (dv)
# Thomas Nagy, 2007-2018 (ita)

from waflib import Utils, Task, Errors
from waflib.TaskGen import taskgen_method, feature, extension
from waflib.Tools import d_scan, d_config
from waflib.Tools.ccroot import link_task, stlink_task

[docs]class d(Task.Task): "Compile a d file into an object file" color = 'GREEN' run_str = '${D} ${DFLAGS} ${DINC_ST:INCPATHS} ${D_SRC_F:SRC} ${D_TGT_F:TGT}' scan = d_scan.scan
[docs]class d_with_header(d): "Compile a d file and generate a header" run_str = '${D} ${DFLAGS} ${DINC_ST:INCPATHS} ${D_HDR_F:tgt.outputs[1].bldpath()} ${D_SRC_F:SRC} ${D_TGT_F:tgt.outputs[0].bldpath()}'
[docs]class d_header(Task.Task): "Compile d headers" color = 'BLUE' run_str = '${D} ${D_HEADER} ${SRC}'
[docs]class dprogram(link_task): "Link object files into a d program" run_str = '${D_LINKER} ${LINKFLAGS} ${DLNK_SRC_F}${SRC} ${DLNK_TGT_F:TGT} ${RPATH_ST:RPATH} ${DSTLIB_MARKER} ${DSTLIBPATH_ST:STLIBPATH} ${DSTLIB_ST:STLIB} ${DSHLIB_MARKER} ${DLIBPATH_ST:LIBPATH} ${DSHLIB_ST:LIB}' inst_to = '${BINDIR}'
[docs]class dshlib(dprogram): "Link object files into a d shared library" inst_to = '${LIBDIR}'
[docs]class dstlib(stlink_task): "Link object files into a d static library" pass # do not remove
[docs]@extension('.d', '.di', '.D') def d_hook(self, node): """ Compile *D* files. To get .di files as well as .o files, set the following:: def build(bld): bld.program(source='foo.d', target='app', generate_headers=True) """ ext = Utils.destos_to_binfmt(self.env.DEST_OS) == 'pe' and 'obj' or 'o' out = '%s.%d.%s' % (, self.idx, ext) def create_compiled_task(self, name, node): task = self.create_task(name, node, node.parent.find_or_declare(out)) try: self.compiled_tasks.append(task) except AttributeError: self.compiled_tasks = [task] return task if getattr(self, 'generate_headers', None): tsk = create_compiled_task(self, 'd_with_header', node) tsk.outputs.append(node.change_ext(self.env.DHEADER_ext)) else: tsk = create_compiled_task(self, 'd', node) return tsk
[docs]@taskgen_method def generate_header(self, filename): """ See feature request #104:: def build(bld): tg = bld.program(source='foo.d', target='app') tg.generate_header('blah.d') # is equivalent to: #tg = bld.program(source='foo.d', target='app', header_lst='blah.d') :param filename: header to create :type filename: string """ try: self.header_lst.append([filename, self.install_path]) except AttributeError: self.header_lst = [[filename, self.install_path]]
[docs]@feature('d') def process_header(self): """ Process the attribute 'header_lst' to create the d header compilation tasks:: def build(bld): bld.program(source='foo.d', target='app', header_lst='blah.d') """ for i in getattr(self, 'header_lst', []): node = self.path.find_resource(i[0]) if not node: raise Errors.WafError('file %r not found on d obj' % i[0]) self.create_task('d_header', node, node.change_ext('.di'))