Source code for waflib.Tools.dbus

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Ali Sabil, 2007

Compiles dbus files with **dbus-binding-tool**

Typical usage::

	def options(opt):
		opt.load('compiler_c dbus')
	def configure(conf):
		conf.load('compiler_c dbus')
	def build(bld):
		tg = bld.program(
			includes = '.',
			source = bld.path.ant_glob('*.c'),
			target = 'gnome-hello')
		tg.add_dbus_file('test.xml', 'test_prefix', 'glib-server')

from waflib import Task, Errors
from waflib.TaskGen import taskgen_method, before_method

[docs]@taskgen_method def add_dbus_file(self, filename, prefix, mode): """ Adds a dbus file to the list of dbus files to process. Store them in the attribute *dbus_lst*. :param filename: xml file to compile :type filename: string :param prefix: dbus binding tool prefix (--prefix=prefix) :type prefix: string :param mode: dbus binding tool mode (--mode=mode) :type mode: string """ if not hasattr(self, 'dbus_lst'): self.dbus_lst = [] if not 'process_dbus' in self.meths: self.meths.append('process_dbus') self.dbus_lst.append([filename, prefix, mode])
[docs]@before_method('process_source') def process_dbus(self): """ Processes the dbus files stored in the attribute *dbus_lst* to create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.dbus.dbus_binding_tool` instances. """ for filename, prefix, mode in getattr(self, 'dbus_lst', []): node = self.path.find_resource(filename) if not node: raise Errors.WafError('file not found ' + filename) tsk = self.create_task('dbus_binding_tool', node, node.change_ext('.h')) tsk.env.DBUS_BINDING_TOOL_PREFIX = prefix tsk.env.DBUS_BINDING_TOOL_MODE = mode
[docs]class dbus_binding_tool(Task.Task): """ Compiles a dbus file """ color = 'BLUE' ext_out = ['.h'] run_str = '${DBUS_BINDING_TOOL} --prefix=${DBUS_BINDING_TOOL_PREFIX} --mode=${DBUS_BINDING_TOOL_MODE} --output=${TGT} ${SRC}' shell = True # temporary workaround for #795
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Detects the program dbus-binding-tool and sets ``conf.env.DBUS_BINDING_TOOL`` """ conf.find_program('dbus-binding-tool', var='DBUS_BINDING_TOOL')