Source code for waflib.Tools.glib2

#! /usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006-2018 (ita)

Support for GLib2 tools:

* marshal
* enums
* gsettings
* gresource

import os
import functools
from waflib import Context, Task, Utils, Options, Errors, Logs
from waflib.TaskGen import taskgen_method, before_method, feature, extension
from waflib.Configure import conf

################## marshal files

[docs]@taskgen_method def add_marshal_file(self, filename, prefix): """ Adds a file to the list of marshal files to process. Store them in the attribute *marshal_list*. :param filename: xml file to compile :type filename: string :param prefix: marshal prefix (--prefix=prefix) :type prefix: string """ if not hasattr(self, 'marshal_list'): self.marshal_list = [] self.meths.append('process_marshal') self.marshal_list.append((filename, prefix))
[docs]@before_method('process_source') def process_marshal(self): """ Processes the marshal files stored in the attribute *marshal_list* to create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.glib2.glib_genmarshal` instances. Adds the c file created to the list of source to process. """ for f, prefix in getattr(self, 'marshal_list', []): node = self.path.find_resource(f) if not node: raise Errors.WafError('file not found %r' % f) h_node = node.change_ext('.h') c_node = node.change_ext('.c') task = self.create_task('glib_genmarshal', node, [h_node, c_node]) task.env.GLIB_GENMARSHAL_PREFIX = prefix self.source = self.to_nodes(getattr(self, 'source', [])) self.source.append(c_node)
[docs]class glib_genmarshal(Task.Task): vars = ['GLIB_GENMARSHAL_PREFIX', 'GLIB_GENMARSHAL'] color = 'BLUE' ext_out = ['.h'] def run(self): bld = self.generator.bld get = self.env.get_flat cmd1 = "%s %s --prefix=%s --header > %s" % ( get('GLIB_GENMARSHAL'), self.inputs[0].srcpath(), get('GLIB_GENMARSHAL_PREFIX'), self.outputs[0].abspath() ) ret = bld.exec_command(cmd1) if ret: return ret #print self.outputs[1].abspath() c = '''#include "%s"\n''' % self.outputs[0].name self.outputs[1].write(c) cmd2 = "%s %s --prefix=%s --body >> %s" % ( get('GLIB_GENMARSHAL'), self.inputs[0].srcpath(), get('GLIB_GENMARSHAL_PREFIX'), self.outputs[1].abspath() ) return bld.exec_command(cmd2)
########################## glib-mkenums
[docs]@taskgen_method def add_enums_from_template(self, source='', target='', template='', comments=''): """ Adds a file to the list of enum files to process. Stores them in the attribute *enums_list*. :param source: enum file to process :type source: string :param target: target file :type target: string :param template: template file :type template: string :param comments: comments :type comments: string """ if not hasattr(self, 'enums_list'): self.enums_list = [] self.meths.append('process_enums') self.enums_list.append({'source': source, 'target': target, 'template': template, 'file-head': '', 'file-prod': '', 'file-tail': '', 'enum-prod': '', 'value-head': '', 'value-prod': '', 'value-tail': '', 'comments': comments})
[docs]@taskgen_method def add_enums(self, source='', target='', file_head='', file_prod='', file_tail='', enum_prod='', value_head='', value_prod='', value_tail='', comments=''): """ Adds a file to the list of enum files to process. Stores them in the attribute *enums_list*. :param source: enum file to process :type source: string :param target: target file :type target: string :param file_head: unused :param file_prod: unused :param file_tail: unused :param enum_prod: unused :param value_head: unused :param value_prod: unused :param value_tail: unused :param comments: comments :type comments: string """ if not hasattr(self, 'enums_list'): self.enums_list = [] self.meths.append('process_enums') self.enums_list.append({'source': source, 'template': '', 'target': target, 'file-head': file_head, 'file-prod': file_prod, 'file-tail': file_tail, 'enum-prod': enum_prod, 'value-head': value_head, 'value-prod': value_prod, 'value-tail': value_tail, 'comments': comments})
[docs]@before_method('process_source') def process_enums(self): """ Processes the enum files stored in the attribute *enum_list* to create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.glib2.glib_mkenums` instances. """ for enum in getattr(self, 'enums_list', []): task = self.create_task('glib_mkenums') env = task.env inputs = [] # process the source source_list = self.to_list(enum['source']) if not source_list: raise Errors.WafError('missing source ' + str(enum)) source_list = [self.path.find_resource(k) for k in source_list] inputs += source_list env.GLIB_MKENUMS_SOURCE = [k.abspath() for k in source_list] # find the target if not enum['target']: raise Errors.WafError('missing target ' + str(enum)) tgt_node = self.path.find_or_declare(enum['target']) if'.c'): self.source.append(tgt_node) env.GLIB_MKENUMS_TARGET = tgt_node.abspath() options = [] if enum['template']: # template, if provided template_node = self.path.find_resource(enum['template']) options.append('--template %s' % (template_node.abspath())) inputs.append(template_node) params = {'file-head' : '--fhead', 'file-prod' : '--fprod', 'file-tail' : '--ftail', 'enum-prod' : '--eprod', 'value-head' : '--vhead', 'value-prod' : '--vprod', 'value-tail' : '--vtail', 'comments': '--comments'} for param, option in params.items(): if enum[param]: options.append('%s %r' % (option, enum[param])) env.GLIB_MKENUMS_OPTIONS = ' '.join(options) # update the task instance task.set_inputs(inputs) task.set_outputs(tgt_node)
[docs]class glib_mkenums(Task.Task): """ Processes enum files """ run_str = '${GLIB_MKENUMS} ${GLIB_MKENUMS_OPTIONS} ${GLIB_MKENUMS_SOURCE} > ${GLIB_MKENUMS_TARGET}' color = 'PINK' ext_out = ['.h']
######################################### gsettings
[docs]@taskgen_method def add_settings_schemas(self, filename_list): """ Adds settings files to process to *settings_schema_files* :param filename_list: files :type filename_list: list of string """ if not hasattr(self, 'settings_schema_files'): self.settings_schema_files = [] if not isinstance(filename_list, list): filename_list = [filename_list] self.settings_schema_files.extend(filename_list)
[docs]@taskgen_method def add_settings_enums(self, namespace, filename_list): """ Called only once by task generator to set the enums namespace. :param namespace: namespace :type namespace: string :param filename_list: enum files to process :type filename_list: file list """ if hasattr(self, 'settings_enum_namespace'): raise Errors.WafError("Tried to add gsettings enums to %r more than once" % self.settings_enum_namespace = namespace if not isinstance(filename_list, list): filename_list = [filename_list] self.settings_enum_files = filename_list
[docs]@feature('glib2') def process_settings(self): """ Processes the schema files in *settings_schema_files* to create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.glib2.glib_mkenums` instances. The same files are validated through :py:class:`waflib.Tools.glib2.glib_validate_schema` tasks. """ enums_tgt_node = [] install_files = [] settings_schema_files = getattr(self, 'settings_schema_files', []) if settings_schema_files and not self.env.GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS: raise Errors.WafError ("Unable to process GSettings schemas - glib-compile-schemas was not found during configure") # 1. process gsettings_enum_files (generate .enums.xml) # if hasattr(self, 'settings_enum_files'): enums_task = self.create_task('glib_mkenums') source_list = self.settings_enum_files source_list = [self.path.find_resource(k) for k in source_list] enums_task.set_inputs(source_list) enums_task.env.GLIB_MKENUMS_SOURCE = [k.abspath() for k in source_list] target = self.settings_enum_namespace + '.enums.xml' tgt_node = self.path.find_or_declare(target) enums_task.set_outputs(tgt_node) enums_task.env.GLIB_MKENUMS_TARGET = tgt_node.abspath() enums_tgt_node = [tgt_node] install_files.append(tgt_node) options = '--comments "<!-- @comment@ -->" --fhead "<schemalist>" --vhead " <@type@ id=\\"%s.@EnumName@\\">" --vprod " <value nick=\\"@valuenick@\\" value=\\"@valuenum@\\"/>" --vtail " </@type@>" --ftail "</schemalist>" ' % (self.settings_enum_namespace) enums_task.env.GLIB_MKENUMS_OPTIONS = options # 2. process gsettings_schema_files (validate .gschema.xml files) # for schema in settings_schema_files: schema_task = self.create_task ('glib_validate_schema') schema_node = self.path.find_resource(schema) if not schema_node: raise Errors.WafError("Cannot find the schema file %r" % schema) install_files.append(schema_node) source_list = enums_tgt_node + [schema_node] schema_task.set_inputs (source_list) schema_task.env.GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS_OPTIONS = [("--schema-file=" + k.abspath()) for k in source_list] target_node = schema_node.change_ext('.xml.valid') schema_task.set_outputs (target_node) schema_task.env.GLIB_VALIDATE_SCHEMA_OUTPUT = target_node.abspath() # 3. schemas install task def compile_schemas_callback(bld): if not bld.is_install: return compile_schemas = Utils.to_list(bld.env.GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS) destdir = Options.options.destdir paths = bld._compile_schemas_registered if destdir: paths = (os.path.join(destdir, path.lstrip(os.sep)) for path in paths) for path in paths: Logs.pprint('YELLOW', 'Updating GSettings schema cache %r' % path) if self.bld.exec_command(compile_schemas + [path]): Logs.warn('Could not update GSettings schema cache %r' % path) if self.bld.is_install: schemadir = self.env.GSETTINGSSCHEMADIR if not schemadir: raise Errors.WafError ('GSETTINGSSCHEMADIR not defined (should have been set up automatically during configure)') if install_files: self.add_install_files(install_to=schemadir, install_from=install_files) registered_schemas = getattr(self.bld, '_compile_schemas_registered', None) if not registered_schemas: registered_schemas = self.bld._compile_schemas_registered = set() self.bld.add_post_fun(compile_schemas_callback) registered_schemas.add(schemadir)
[docs]class glib_validate_schema(Task.Task): """ Validates schema files """ run_str = 'rm -f ${GLIB_VALIDATE_SCHEMA_OUTPUT} && ${GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS} --dry-run ${GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS_OPTIONS} && touch ${GLIB_VALIDATE_SCHEMA_OUTPUT}' color = 'PINK'
################## gresource
[docs]@extension('.gresource.xml') def process_gresource_source(self, node): """ Creates tasks that turn ``.gresource.xml`` files to C code """ if not self.env.GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES: raise Errors.WafError ("Unable to process GResource file - glib-compile-resources was not found during configure") if 'gresource' in self.features: return h_node = node.change_ext('_xml.h') c_node = node.change_ext('_xml.c') self.create_task('glib_gresource_source', node, [h_node, c_node]) self.source.append(c_node)
[docs]@feature('gresource') def process_gresource_bundle(self): """ Creates tasks to turn ``.gresource`` files from ``.gresource.xml`` files:: def build(bld): bld( features='gresource', source=['resources1.gresource.xml', 'resources2.gresource.xml'], install_path='${LIBDIR}/${PACKAGE}' ) :param source: XML files to process :type source: list of string :param install_path: installation path :type install_path: string """ for i in self.to_list(self.source): node = self.path.find_resource(i) task = self.create_task('glib_gresource_bundle', node, node.change_ext('')) inst_to = getattr(self, 'install_path', None) if inst_to: self.add_install_files(install_to=inst_to, install_from=task.outputs)
[docs]class glib_gresource_base(Task.Task): """ Base class for gresource based tasks """ color = 'BLUE' base_cmd = '${GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES} --sourcedir=${SRC[0].parent.srcpath()} --sourcedir=${SRC[0].bld_dir()}'
[docs] def scan(self): """ Scans gresource dependencies through ``glib-compile-resources --generate-dependencies command`` """ bld = self.generator.bld kw = {} kw['cwd'] = self.get_cwd() kw['quiet'] = Context.BOTH cmd = Utils.subst_vars('${GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES} --sourcedir=%s --sourcedir=%s --generate-dependencies %s' % ( self.inputs[0].parent.srcpath(), self.inputs[0].bld_dir(), self.inputs[0].bldpath() ), self.env) output = bld.cmd_and_log(cmd, **kw) nodes = [] names = [] for dep in output.splitlines(): if dep: node = bld.bldnode.find_node(dep) if node: nodes.append(node) else: names.append(dep) return (nodes, names)
[docs]class glib_gresource_source(glib_gresource_base): """ Task to generate C source code (.h and .c files) from a gresource.xml file """ vars = ['GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES'] fun_h = Task.compile_fun_shell(glib_gresource_base.base_cmd + ' --target=${TGT[0].abspath()} --generate-header ${SRC}') fun_c = Task.compile_fun_shell(glib_gresource_base.base_cmd + ' --target=${TGT[1].abspath()} --generate-source ${SRC}') ext_out = ['.h'] def run(self): return self.fun_h[0](self) or self.fun_c[0](self)
[docs]class glib_gresource_bundle(glib_gresource_base): """ Task to generate a .gresource binary file from a gresource.xml file """ run_str = glib_gresource_base.base_cmd + ' --target=${TGT} ${SRC}' shell = True # temporary workaround for #795
[docs]@conf def find_glib_genmarshal(conf): conf.find_program('glib-genmarshal', var='GLIB_GENMARSHAL')
[docs]@conf def find_glib_mkenums(conf): if not conf.env.PERL: conf.find_program('perl', var='PERL') conf.find_program('glib-mkenums', interpreter='PERL', var='GLIB_MKENUMS')
[docs]@conf def find_glib_compile_schemas(conf): # when cross-compiling, gsettings.m4 locates the program with the following: # pkg-config --variable glib_compile_schemas gio-2.0 conf.find_program('glib-compile-schemas', var='GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS') def getstr(varname): return getattr(Options.options, varname, getattr(conf.env,varname, '')) gsettingsschemadir = getstr('GSETTINGSSCHEMADIR') if not gsettingsschemadir: datadir = getstr('DATADIR') if not datadir: prefix = conf.env.PREFIX datadir = os.path.join(prefix, 'share') gsettingsschemadir = os.path.join(datadir, 'glib-2.0', 'schemas') conf.env.GSETTINGSSCHEMADIR = gsettingsschemadir
[docs]@conf def find_glib_compile_resources(conf): conf.find_program('glib-compile-resources', var='GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES')
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Finds the following programs: * *glib-genmarshal* and set *GLIB_GENMARSHAL* * *glib-mkenums* and set *GLIB_MKENUMS* * *glib-compile-schemas* and set *GLIB_COMPILE_SCHEMAS* (not mandatory) * *glib-compile-resources* and set *GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES* (not mandatory) """ conf.find_glib_genmarshal() conf.find_glib_mkenums() conf.find_glib_compile_schemas(mandatory=False) conf.find_glib_compile_resources(mandatory=False)
[docs]def options(opt): """ Adds the ``--gsettingsschemadir`` command-line option """ gr = opt.add_option_group('Installation directories') gr.add_option('--gsettingsschemadir', help='GSettings schema location [DATADIR/glib-2.0/schemas]', default='', dest='GSETTINGSSCHEMADIR')