Source code for waflib.Tools.gnu_dirs

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Ali Sabil, 2007

Sets various standard variables such as INCLUDEDIR. SBINDIR and others. To use this module just call::




Add options for the standard GNU directories, this tool will add the options
found in autotools, and will update the environment with the following
installation variables:

============== ========================================= =======================
Variable       Description                               Default Value
============== ========================================= =======================
PREFIX         installation prefix                       /usr/local
EXEC_PREFIX    installation prefix for binaries          PREFIX
BINDIR         user commands                             EXEC_PREFIX/bin
SBINDIR        system binaries                           EXEC_PREFIX/sbin
LIBEXECDIR     program-specific binaries                 EXEC_PREFIX/libexec
SYSCONFDIR     host-specific configuration               PREFIX/etc
SHAREDSTATEDIR architecture-independent variable data    PREFIX/com
LOCALSTATEDIR  variable data                             PREFIX/var
LIBDIR         object code libraries                     EXEC_PREFIX/lib
INCLUDEDIR     header files                              PREFIX/include
OLDINCLUDEDIR  header files for non-GCC compilers        /usr/include
DATAROOTDIR    architecture-independent data root        PREFIX/share
DATADIR        architecture-independent data             DATAROOTDIR
INFODIR        GNU "info" documentation                  DATAROOTDIR/info
LOCALEDIR      locale-dependent data                     DATAROOTDIR/locale
MANDIR         manual pages                              DATAROOTDIR/man
DOCDIR         documentation root                        DATAROOTDIR/doc/APPNAME
HTMLDIR        HTML documentation                        DOCDIR
DVIDIR         DVI documentation                         DOCDIR
PDFDIR         PDF documentation                         DOCDIR
PSDIR          PostScript documentation                  DOCDIR
============== ========================================= =======================

import os, re
from waflib import Utils, Options, Context

gnuopts = '''
bindir, user commands, ${EXEC_PREFIX}/bin
sbindir, system binaries, ${EXEC_PREFIX}/sbin
libexecdir, program-specific binaries, ${EXEC_PREFIX}/libexec
sysconfdir, host-specific configuration, ${PREFIX}/etc
sharedstatedir, architecture-independent variable data, ${PREFIX}/com
localstatedir, variable data, ${PREFIX}/var
libdir, object code libraries, ${EXEC_PREFIX}/lib%s
includedir, header files, ${PREFIX}/include
oldincludedir, header files for non-GCC compilers, /usr/include
datarootdir, architecture-independent data root, ${PREFIX}/share
datadir, architecture-independent data, ${DATAROOTDIR}
infodir, GNU "info" documentation, ${DATAROOTDIR}/info
localedir, locale-dependent data, ${DATAROOTDIR}/locale
mandir, manual pages, ${DATAROOTDIR}/man
docdir, documentation root, ${DATAROOTDIR}/doc/${PACKAGE}
htmldir, HTML documentation, ${DOCDIR}
dvidir, DVI documentation, ${DOCDIR}
pdfdir, PDF documentation, ${DOCDIR}
psdir, PostScript documentation, ${DOCDIR}
''' % Utils.lib64()

_options = [x.split(', ') for x in gnuopts.splitlines() if x]

[docs]def configure(conf): """ Reads the command-line options to set lots of variables in *conf.env*. The variables BINDIR and LIBDIR will be overwritten. """ def get_param(varname, default): return getattr(Options.options, varname, '') or default env = conf.env env.LIBDIR = env.BINDIR = [] env.EXEC_PREFIX = get_param('EXEC_PREFIX', env.PREFIX) env.PACKAGE = getattr(Context.g_module, 'APPNAME', None) or env.PACKAGE complete = False iter = 0 while not complete and iter < len(_options) + 1: iter += 1 complete = True for name, help, default in _options: name = name.upper() if not env[name]: try: env[name] = Utils.subst_vars(get_param(name, default).replace('/', os.sep), env) except TypeError: complete = False if not complete: lst = [x for x, _, _ in _options if not env[x.upper()]] raise conf.errors.WafError('Variable substitution failure %r' % lst)
[docs]def options(opt): """ Adds lots of command-line options, for example:: --exec-prefix: EXEC_PREFIX """ inst_dir = opt.add_option_group('Installation prefix', 'By default, "waf install" will put the files in\ "/usr/local/bin", "/usr/local/lib" etc. An installation prefix other\ than "/usr/local" can be given using "--prefix", for example "--prefix=$HOME"') for k in ('--prefix', '--destdir'): option = opt.parser.get_option(k) if option: opt.parser.remove_option(k) inst_dir.add_option(option) inst_dir.add_option('--exec-prefix', help = 'installation prefix for binaries [PREFIX]', default = '', dest = 'EXEC_PREFIX') dirs_options = opt.add_option_group('Installation directories') for name, help, default in _options: option_name = '--' + name str_default = default str_help = '%s [%s]' % (help, re.sub(r'\$\{([^}]+)\}', r'\1', str_default)) dirs_options.add_option(option_name, help=str_help, default='', dest=name.upper())