Source code for waflib.Tools.intltool

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Thomas Nagy, 2006-2018 (ita)

Support for translation tools such as msgfmt and intltool


	def configure(conf):
		conf.load('gnu_dirs intltool')

	def build(bld):
		# process the .po files into .gmo files, and install them in LOCALEDIR
		bld(features='intltool_po', appname='myapp', podir='po', install_path="${LOCALEDIR}")

		# process an input file, substituting the translations from the po dir
			features  = "intltool_in",
			podir     = "../po",
			style     = "desktop",
			flags     = ["-u"],
			source    = '',
			install_path = "${DATADIR}/applications",

Usage of the :py:mod:`waflib.Tools.gnu_dirs` is recommended, but not obligatory.

from __future__ import with_statement

import os, re
from waflib import Context, Task, Utils, Logs
import waflib.Tools.ccroot
from waflib.TaskGen import feature, before_method, taskgen_method
from waflib.Logs import error
from waflib.Configure import conf

_style_flags = {
	'ba': '-b',
	'desktop': '-d',
	'keys': '-k',
	'quoted': '--quoted-style',
	'quotedxml': '--quotedxml-style',
	'rfc822deb': '-r',
	'schemas': '-s',
	'xml': '-x',

[docs]@taskgen_method def ensure_localedir(self): """ Expands LOCALEDIR from DATAROOTDIR/locale if possible, or falls back to PREFIX/share/locale """ # use the tool gnu_dirs to provide options to define this if not self.env.LOCALEDIR: if self.env.DATAROOTDIR: self.env.LOCALEDIR = os.path.join(self.env.DATAROOTDIR, 'locale') else: self.env.LOCALEDIR = os.path.join(self.env.PREFIX, 'share', 'locale')
[docs]@before_method('process_source') @feature('intltool_in') def apply_intltool_in_f(self): """ Creates tasks to translate files by intltool-merge:: def build(bld): bld( features = "intltool_in", podir = "../po", style = "desktop", flags = ["-u"], source = '', install_path = "${DATADIR}/applications", ) :param podir: location of the .po files :type podir: string :param source: source files to process :type source: list of string :param style: the intltool-merge mode of operation, can be one of the following values: ``ba``, ``desktop``, ``keys``, ``quoted``, ``quotedxml``, ``rfc822deb``, ``schemas`` and ``xml``. See the ``intltool-merge`` man page for more information about supported modes of operation. :type style: string :param flags: compilation flags ("-quc" by default) :type flags: list of string :param install_path: installation path :type install_path: string """ try: self.meths.remove('process_source') except ValueError: pass self.ensure_localedir() podir = getattr(self, 'podir', '.') podirnode = self.path.find_dir(podir) if not podirnode: error("could not find the podir %r" % podir) return cache = getattr(self, 'intlcache', '.intlcache') self.env.INTLCACHE = [os.path.join(str(self.path.get_bld()), podir, cache)] self.env.INTLPODIR = podirnode.bldpath() self.env.append_value('INTLFLAGS', getattr(self, 'flags', self.env.INTLFLAGS_DEFAULT)) if '-c' in self.env.INTLFLAGS: self.bld.fatal('Redundant -c flag in intltool task %r' % self) style = getattr(self, 'style', None) if style: try: style_flag = _style_flags[style] except KeyError: self.bld.fatal('intltool_in style "%s" is not valid' % style) self.env.append_unique('INTLFLAGS', [style_flag]) for i in self.to_list(self.source): node = self.path.find_resource(i) task = self.create_task('intltool', node, node.change_ext('')) inst = getattr(self, 'install_path', None) if inst: self.add_install_files(install_to=inst, install_from=task.outputs)
[docs]@feature('intltool_po') def apply_intltool_po(self): """ Creates tasks to process po files:: def build(bld): bld(features='intltool_po', appname='myapp', podir='po', install_path="${LOCALEDIR}") The relevant task generator arguments are: :param podir: directory of the .po files :type podir: string :param appname: name of the application :type appname: string :param install_path: installation directory :type install_path: string The file LINGUAS must be present in the directory pointed by *podir* and list the translation files to process. """ try: self.meths.remove('process_source') except ValueError: pass self.ensure_localedir() appname = getattr(self, 'appname', getattr(Context.g_module, Context.APPNAME, 'set_your_app_name')) podir = getattr(self, 'podir', '.') inst = getattr(self, 'install_path', '${LOCALEDIR}') linguas = self.path.find_node(os.path.join(podir, 'LINGUAS')) if linguas: # scan LINGUAS file for locales to process with open(linguas.abspath()) as f: langs = [] for line in f.readlines(): # ignore lines containing comments if not line.startswith('#'): langs += line.split() re_linguas = re.compile('[-a-zA-Z_@.]+') for lang in langs: # Make sure that we only process lines which contain locales if re_linguas.match(lang): node = self.path.find_resource(os.path.join(podir, re_linguas.match(lang).group() + '.po')) task = self.create_task('po', node, node.change_ext('.mo')) if inst: filename = task.outputs[0].name (langname, ext) = os.path.splitext(filename) inst_file = inst + os.sep + langname + os.sep + 'LC_MESSAGES' + os.sep + appname + '.mo' self.add_install_as(install_to=inst_file, install_from=task.outputs[0], chmod=getattr(self, 'chmod', Utils.O644)) else: Logs.pprint('RED', "Error no LINGUAS file found in po directory")
[docs]class po(Task.Task): """ Compiles .po files into .gmo files """ run_str = '${MSGFMT} -o ${TGT} ${SRC}' color = 'BLUE'
[docs]class intltool(Task.Task): """ Calls intltool-merge to update translation files """ run_str = '${INTLTOOL} ${INTLFLAGS} ${INTLCACHE_ST:INTLCACHE} ${INTLPODIR} ${SRC} ${TGT}' color = 'BLUE'
[docs]@conf def find_msgfmt(conf): """ Detects msgfmt and sets the ``MSGFMT`` variable """ conf.find_program('msgfmt', var='MSGFMT')
[docs]@conf def find_intltool_merge(conf): """ Detects intltool-merge """ if not conf.env.PERL: conf.find_program('perl', var='PERL') conf.env.INTLCACHE_ST = '--cache=%s' conf.env.INTLFLAGS_DEFAULT = ['-q', '-u'] conf.find_program('intltool-merge', interpreter='PERL', var='INTLTOOL')
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Detects the program *msgfmt* and set *conf.env.MSGFMT*. Detects the program *intltool-merge* and set *conf.env.INTLTOOL*. It is possible to set INTLTOOL in the environment, but it must not have spaces in it:: $ INTLTOOL="/path/to/the program/intltool" waf configure If a C/C++ compiler is present, execute a compilation test to find the header *locale.h*. """ conf.find_msgfmt() conf.find_intltool_merge() if conf.env.CC or conf.env.CXX: conf.check(header_name='locale.h')