Source code for waflib.Tools.perl

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# andersg at 2007
# Thomas Nagy 2016-2018 (ita)

Support for Perl extensions. A C/C++ compiler is required::

	def options(opt):
		opt.load('compiler_c perl')
	def configure(conf):
		conf.load('compiler_c perl')
		conf.check_perl_module('Devel::PPPort 4.89')
	def build(bld):
			features     = 'c cshlib perlext',
			source       = 'Mytest.xs',
			target       = 'Mytest',
			install_path = '${ARCHDIR_PERL}/auto')
		bld.install_files('${ARCHDIR_PERL}', '')

import os
from waflib import Task, Options, Utils, Errors
from waflib.Configure import conf
from waflib.TaskGen import extension, feature, before_method

[docs]@before_method('apply_incpaths', 'apply_link', 'propagate_uselib_vars') @feature('perlext') def init_perlext(self): """ Change the values of *cshlib_PATTERN* and *cxxshlib_PATTERN* to remove the *lib* prefix from library names. """ self.uselib = self.to_list(getattr(self, 'uselib', [])) if not 'PERLEXT' in self.uselib: self.uselib.append('PERLEXT') self.env.cshlib_PATTERN = self.env.cxxshlib_PATTERN = self.env.perlext_PATTERN
[docs]@extension('.xs') def xsubpp_file(self, node): """ Create :py:class:`waflib.Tools.perl.xsubpp` tasks to process *.xs* files """ outnode = node.change_ext('.c') self.create_task('xsubpp', node, outnode) self.source.append(outnode)
[docs]class xsubpp(Task.Task): """ Process *.xs* files """ run_str = '${PERL} ${XSUBPP} -noprototypes -typemap ${EXTUTILS_TYPEMAP} ${SRC} > ${TGT}' color = 'BLUE' ext_out = ['.h']
[docs]@conf def check_perl_version(self, minver=None): """ Check if Perl is installed, and set the variable PERL. minver is supposed to be a tuple """ res = True if minver: cver = '.'.join(map(str,minver)) else: cver = '' self.start_msg('Checking for minimum perl version %s' % cver) perl = self.find_program('perl', var='PERL', value=getattr(Options.options, 'perlbinary', None)) version = self.cmd_and_log(perl + ["-e", 'printf \"%vd\", $^V']) if not version: res = False version = "Unknown" elif not minver is None: ver = tuple(map(int, version.split("."))) if ver < minver: res = False self.end_msg(version, color=res and 'GREEN' or 'YELLOW') return res
[docs]@conf def check_perl_module(self, module): """ Check if specified perlmodule is installed. The minimum version can be specified by specifying it after modulename like this:: def configure(conf): conf.check_perl_module("Some::Module 2.92") """ cmd = self.env.PERL + ['-e', 'use %s' % module] self.start_msg('perl module %s' % module) try: r = self.cmd_and_log(cmd) except Errors.WafError: self.end_msg(False) return None self.end_msg(r or True) return r
[docs]@conf def check_perl_ext_devel(self): """ Check for configuration needed to build perl extensions. Sets different xxx_PERLEXT variables in the environment. Also sets the ARCHDIR_PERL variable useful as installation path, which can be overridden by ``--with-perl-archdir`` option. """ env = self.env perl = env.PERL if not perl: self.fatal('find perl first') def cmd_perl_config(s): return perl + ['-MConfig', '-e', 'print \"%s\"' % s] def cfg_str(cfg): return self.cmd_and_log(cmd_perl_config(cfg)) def cfg_lst(cfg): return Utils.to_list(cfg_str(cfg)) def find_xsubpp(): for var in ('privlib', 'vendorlib'): xsubpp = cfg_lst('$Config{%s}/ExtUtils/xsubpp$Config{exe_ext}' % var) if xsubpp and os.path.isfile(xsubpp[0]): return xsubpp return self.find_program('xsubpp') env.LINKFLAGS_PERLEXT = cfg_lst('$Config{lddlflags}') env.INCLUDES_PERLEXT = cfg_lst('$Config{archlib}/CORE') env.CFLAGS_PERLEXT = cfg_lst('$Config{ccflags} $Config{cccdlflags}') env.EXTUTILS_TYPEMAP = cfg_lst('$Config{privlib}/ExtUtils/typemap') env.XSUBPP = find_xsubpp() if not getattr(Options.options, 'perlarchdir', None): env.ARCHDIR_PERL = cfg_str('$Config{sitearch}') else: env.ARCHDIR_PERL = getattr(Options.options, 'perlarchdir') env.perlext_PATTERN = '%s.' + cfg_str('$Config{dlext}')
[docs]def options(opt): """ Add the ``--with-perl-archdir`` and ``--with-perl-binary`` command-line options. """ opt.add_option('--with-perl-binary', type='string', dest='perlbinary', help = 'Specify alternate perl binary', default=None) opt.add_option('--with-perl-archdir', type='string', dest='perlarchdir', help = 'Specify directory where to install arch specific files', default=None)