Source code for waflib.Tools.winres

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Brant Young, 2007

"Process *.rc* files for C/C++: X{.rc -> [.res|.rc.o]}"

import re
from waflib import Task
from waflib.TaskGen import extension
from waflib.Tools import c_preproc

[docs]@extension('.rc') def rc_file(self, node): """ Binds the .rc extension to a winrc task """ obj_ext = '.rc.o' if self.env.WINRC_TGT_F == '/fo': obj_ext = '.res' rctask = self.create_task('winrc', node, node.change_ext(obj_ext)) try: self.compiled_tasks.append(rctask) except AttributeError: self.compiled_tasks = [rctask]
re_lines = re.compile( r'(?:^[ \t]*(#|%:)[ \t]*(ifdef|ifndef|if|else|elif|endif|include|import|define|undef|pragma)[ \t]*(.*?)\s*$)|'\ r'(?:^\w+[ \t]*(ICON|BITMAP|CURSOR|HTML|FONT|MESSAGETABLE|TYPELIB|REGISTRY|D3DFX)[ \t]*(.*?)\s*$)', re.IGNORECASE | re.MULTILINE)
[docs]class rc_parser(c_preproc.c_parser): """ Calculates dependencies in .rc files """
[docs] def filter_comments(self, node): """ Overrides :py:meth:`waflib.Tools.c_preproc.c_parser.filter_comments` """ code = if c_preproc.use_trigraphs: for (a, b) in c_preproc.trig_def: code = code.split(a).join(b) code = c_preproc.re_nl.sub('', code) code = c_preproc.re_cpp.sub(c_preproc.repl, code) ret = [] for m in re.finditer(re_lines, code): if ret.append((, else: ret.append(('include', return ret
[docs]class winrc(Task.Task): """ Compiles resource files """ run_str = '${WINRC} ${WINRCFLAGS} ${CPPPATH_ST:INCPATHS} ${DEFINES_ST:DEFINES} ${WINRC_TGT_F} ${TGT} ${WINRC_SRC_F} ${SRC}' color = 'BLUE' def scan(self): tmp = rc_parser(self.generator.includes_nodes) tmp.start(self.inputs[0], self.env) return (tmp.nodes, tmp.names)
[docs]def configure(conf): """ Detects the programs RC or windres, depending on the C/C++ compiler in use """ v = conf.env if not v.WINRC: if v.CC_NAME == 'msvc': conf.find_program('RC', var='WINRC', path_list=v.PATH) v.WINRC_TGT_F = '/fo' v.WINRC_SRC_F = '' else: conf.find_program('windres', var='WINRC', path_list=v.PATH) v.WINRC_TGT_F = '-o' v.WINRC_SRC_F = '-i'