Source code for xml.sax

"""Simple API for XML (SAX) implementation for Python.

This module provides an implementation of the SAX 2 interface;
information about the Java version of the interface can be found at  The Python version of the interface is
documented at <...>.

This package contains the following modules:

handler -- Base classes and constants which define the SAX 2 API for
           the 'client-side' of SAX for Python.

saxutils -- Implementation of the convenience classes commonly used to
            work with SAX.

xmlreader -- Base classes and constants which define the SAX 2 API for
             the parsers used with SAX for Python.

expatreader -- Driver that allows use of the Expat parser with SAX.

from .xmlreader import InputSource
from .handler import ContentHandler, ErrorHandler
from ._exceptions import SAXException, SAXNotRecognizedException, \
                        SAXParseException, SAXNotSupportedException, \

def parse(source, handler, errorHandler=ErrorHandler()):
    parser = make_parser()

def parseString(string, handler, errorHandler=ErrorHandler()):
    import io
    if errorHandler is None:
        errorHandler = ErrorHandler()
    parser = make_parser()

    inpsrc = InputSource()
    if isinstance(string, str):

# this is the parser list used by the make_parser function if no
# alternatives are given as parameters to the function

default_parser_list = ["xml.sax.expatreader"]

# tell modulefinder that importing sax potentially imports expatreader
_false = 0
if _false:
    import xml.sax.expatreader

import os, sys
if not sys.flags.ignore_environment and "PY_SAX_PARSER" in os.environ:
    default_parser_list = os.environ["PY_SAX_PARSER"].split(",")
del os

_key = "python.xml.sax.parser"
if sys.platform[:4] == "java" and sys.registry.containsKey(_key):
    default_parser_list = sys.registry.getProperty(_key).split(",")

[docs]def make_parser(parser_list=()): """Creates and returns a SAX parser. Creates the first parser it is able to instantiate of the ones given in the iterable created by chaining parser_list and default_parser_list. The iterables must contain the names of Python modules containing both a SAX parser and a create_parser function.""" for parser_name in list(parser_list) + default_parser_list: try: return _create_parser(parser_name) except ImportError as e: import sys if parser_name in sys.modules: # The parser module was found, but importing it # failed unexpectedly, pass this exception through raise except SAXReaderNotAvailable: # The parser module detected that it won't work properly, # so try the next one pass raise SAXReaderNotAvailable("No parsers found", None)
# --- Internal utility methods used by make_parser if sys.platform[ : 4] == "java": def _create_parser(parser_name): from org.python.core import imp drv_module = imp.importName(parser_name, 0, globals()) return drv_module.create_parser() else: def _create_parser(parser_name): drv_module = __import__(parser_name,{},{},['create_parser']) return drv_module.create_parser() del sys