Fortran support

waflib.Tools.fc.fc_hook(self, node)[source]

Binds the Fortran file extensions create waflib.Tools.fc.fc instances

waflib.Tools.fc.modfile(conf, name)[source]

Configuration Method bound to waflib.Configure.ConfigurationContext

Turns a module name into the right module file name. Defaults to all lower case.


Obtains all fortran tasks from the same build group. Those tasks must not have the attribute ‘nomod’ or ‘mod_fortran_done’

Returns:a list of waflib.Tools.fc.fc instances
class waflib.Tools.fc.fc(*k, **kw)[source]

Bases: waflib.Task.Task

Fortran tasks can only run when all fortran tasks in a current task group are ready to be executed This may cause a deadlock if some fortran task is waiting for something that cannot happen (circular dependency) Should this ever happen, set the ‘nomod=True’ on those tasks instances to break the loop

color = 'GREEN'

Fortran dependency scanner


Sets the mod file outputs and the dependencies on the mod files over all Fortran tasks executed by the main thread so there are no concurrency issues

orig_run_str = '${FC} ${FCFLAGS} ${FCINCPATH_ST:INCPATHS} ${FCDEFINES_ST:DEFINES} ${_FCMODOUTFLAGS} ${FC_TGT_F}${TGT[0].abspath()} ${FC_SRC_F}${SRC[0].abspath()} ${FCPPFLAGS}'
class waflib.Tools.fc.fcprogram(*k, **kw)[source]

Bases: waflib.Tools.ccroot.link_task

Links Fortran programs

color = 'YELLOW'
inst_to = '${BINDIR}'
class waflib.Tools.fc.fcshlib(*k, **kw)[source]

Bases: waflib.Tools.fc.fcprogram

Links Fortran libraries

inst_to = '${LIBDIR}'
hcode = 'nocode'
class waflib.Tools.fc.fcstlib(*k, **kw)[source]

Bases: waflib.Tools.ccroot.stlink_task

Links Fortran static libraries (uses ar by default)

hcode = '\tdef wrap(self):\n\t\ttry:\n\t\t\tos.remove(self.outputs[0].abspath())\n\t\texcept OSError:\n\t\t\tpass\n\t\treturn old(self)\n'
class waflib.Tools.fc.fcprogram_test(*k, **kw)[source]

Bases: waflib.Tools.fc.fcprogram

Custom link task to obtain compiler outputs for Fortran configuration tests


This task is always executed

exec_command(cmd, **kw)[source]

Stores the compiler std our/err onto the build context, to bld.out + bld.err

hcode = 'nocode'

Decorator: attach new configuration functions to waflib.Build.BuildContext and waflib.Configure.ConfigurationContext. The methods bound will accept a parameter named ‘mandatory’ to disable the configuration errors:

def configure(conf):
        conf.find_program('abc', mandatory=False)
Parameters:f (function) – method to bind

Decorator that registers a task generator method which will be invoked during the processing of source files for the extension given:

from waflib import Task
class mytask(Task):
        run_str = 'cp ${SRC} ${TGT}'
def create_maa_file(self, node):
        self.create_task('mytask', node, node.change_ext('.maa'))
def build(bld):