class waflib.Tools.fc_scan.fortran_parser(incpaths)[source]

Bases: object

This parser returns:

  • the nodes corresponding to the module names to produce
  • the nodes corresponding to the include files used
  • the module names used by the fortran files
seen = None

Files already parsed

nodes = None

List of waflib.Node.Node representing the dependencies to return

names = None

List of module names to return

incpaths = None

List of waflib.Node.Node representing the include paths


Parses a Fortran file to obtain the dependencies used/provided

Parameters:node (waflib.Node.Node) – fortran file to read
Returns:lists representing the includes, the modules used, and the modules created by a fortran file
Return type:tuple of list of strings

Start parsing. Use the stack self.waiting to hold nodes to iterate on

Parameters:node (waflib.Node.Node) – fortran file

Processes a single file during dependency parsing. Extracts files used modules used and modules provided.


Adds an include file to the list of nodes to process

Parameters:filename (string) – file name