Semantik (formerly kdissert) is a mind-mapping application for KDE that helps creating documents such as reports or presentations.

Mind-maps are edited either as flat trees (linear view on the left) or in two dimensions (center). Each node on the map can be associated with tables, text, pictures or diagrams (botton level).

Maps are then converted to "flat" documents such as presentations or reports using document generators. This enables the rapid creation of technical documentation in the LaTeX, OpenOffice or Html format.

Download the source code here (2018-11-18) or browse the Git repository (changelog). Just build it using the instructions included (Open-source GPL V3). Do not forget to verify the archive using this signature; our archives are always signed with the public key of the project.

For testing purposes, try also the latest binary snapshot packages for Fedora 29, openSUSE 42.3 or Ubuntu 18.04 (sigs)

A diagramming application (semantik-d) is bundled to help organize and re-use diagrams. UML-like widgets are provided to help create flowcharts and technical documentation.

Diagrams can be exported to in PDF or PNG format from the user interface or from command-line tools.